Gender: Female Meaning: April Origin: French Variations: Abril, April, Avariella The Baby name Avril means April and it has French origins. Avril is generally used by parents …

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Gender: Female Meaning: Bird-like Origin: French Variations: Abeni, Abina, Abiona The Baby name Avian means Bird-like and it has French origins. Avian is generally used by parents …

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Gender: Female Meaning: From AUDREY Origin: French Variations: Adair, Adara, Adhira The Baby name Audra means From AUDREY and it has French origins. Audra is generally used by …

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Gender: Female Meaning: Princess Origin: French Variations:  The Baby name Armelle means Princess and it has French origins. Armelle is generally used by parents who are considering baby Girls names.


Gender: Female Meaning: Praiseworthy Origin: French Short Version: Tia Categories: Traditional Names Variations: Amandine, Andeana, Anthony The Baby name Antonia means Praiseworthy and it has French origins. …

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